What we offer

We offer you quality raw wood cabinet doors.

  • You can buy it just like that raw wood doors.
  • We can finish your door with clear coat: Satin, Semi or Gloss.
  • We can stain your doors with your referent Finish style.
  • We can paint it with the sheen you choose.

How long it will take?

  • Allow us 3 to 4 weeks to deliver.

Can we match paint color from Benjamin Moore, Home Depot or any other beside Kelly Moore?

  • At this moment we are only matching with Kelly Moore.

Can we match stain beside what we offer?

  • At this moment we are only matching stains that are in our site.

Can we sell a demo?

  • Yes, we can sell you the door raw wood, with finish or with any stain or paint. It cost US $50 with shipping. Once you make your order of 15 doors or more we will credit the 50 dollars for the demo.

Can you cancel your order?

  • No, once you click submit, we electronically send your order to production to start your project. All doors are custom made with the specs you provide us.
  • It is very important that once you have all your order to review and double check how many doors you are buying, how many drawers, the size of each door and drawer fronts before you click submit.


Unfinished Cabinet door requires some additional care. Please follow our guidelines how to handled and treated properly. In the event that we have sent you a cabinet warp, twist or crack let us know immediately to take proper actions. Do not return cabinets doors without our approval.

  • Any error from our side we will replace or charges will be reimbursed.
  • Any claim should we in the first two week of receiving your order.
  • Cabinet door should be as originally delivered
  • Cabinet doors should not shows signs of exposure to moisture, heat or cold weather
  • Pegasus Cabinets will not be held responsible for any delays or subsequent damages or delays as a result of a remake, replacement or problem order.

If our product is handled in accordance with our recommended guidelines, most problems will be minimized. Remember, you are dealing with an unfinished wood product that will warp, twist or crack within 24 hours if not treated or handled properly.

In the event that a mistake has been made on the order, Pegasus Cabinets will do everything in its power to correct that mistake, which may cause delays to the order and the customer’s project. Pegasus Cabinets will not be held responsible for any delays or subsequent damages or delays as a result of a remake, replacement or problem order.


Products must be inspected upon receipt. Our guarantee covers the replacement of doors and drawer fronts in an unfinished state and in good condition, as originally delivered F.O.B. from our factory. Any variation from our normal construction specifications is not guaranteed, i.e., reducing the thickness of the panel or frames or any height over 48″. A warp or twist of 3/16″ of an inch or less is not considered a defect. A twist can be check by facing the front of the door against a flat surface. Doors are manufactured to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. There is a 1/16th tolerance for all doors and drawer fronts.

Pegasus Cabinets will not be held responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control (i.e. obstruction or blockage of usual routes of transportation, unavoidable accidents, riots, natural disasters, vehicle shortages, prevention of labor, power shortages or lack of materials.) There are no other warranties of any kind expressed or implied.

The customer acknowledges that there are a variety of factors that may impact, and or delay the delivery and production of the doors or items ordered. Many of the are beyond the control of Pegasus Cabinets. Regardless of the nature of a delayed order, problematic or mistaken order, Pegasus Cabinets and it’s affiliates will not be held responsible for any delays and any subsequent problems or damages realized by the customer. The customer agrees not to hold Pegasus Cabinets liable for any delays or damages for any reason. Pegasus Cabinets will do it’s best to deliver the order within the promised time, but the customer realizes that delays may occur for a variety of unknown reasons. In the event that a delay occurs, for any reason, Pegasus Cabinets will not be held responsible for any resultant losses damages or liabilities.

How do I measure for the doors?

We only take final size of the door. If you are replacing old doors with new ones take first the width and then the height. If you are building new cabinet box. Check your design and blueprints. It is very important that you get the right width and height before you order the doors. Once you order you can not cancel.