About us

Pegasus Cabinets is a small, family company, in business since 2006. We specialize in cabinetry. We stain and paint cabinets doors, we build custom drawers and boxes. That’s all we do.

Because we’re specialists, we’ve been working on our processes from day one, continually improving our system. We’ve acquired the right tools and equipment for each specific task and have selected the right materials: we use only the best finish, stain and commercial-quality paint. We only offer the best cabinet doors in the market. For drawers we use only solid wood.

Likewise, since cabinetry is the only type of work we do, our technicians – well trained to start with – become masters on their trade. Each crew performs the same tasks almost every day. They know precisely what to do and how to do it.

For the same reasons we are very good at estimating cost and time to completion. If we tell you that we’ll get it done in a 3 weeks. We almost always meet that deadline and often finish sooner. Once we bid a job and you accept the bid, that’s it – we won’t charge you a penny more.

Pegasus Cabinets is a customer-oriented company. We want you to have a pleasing experience with our service, from start to finish – In every sense. And our results are guaranteed. What we promise, we deliver.

But don’t take our word for it – check our review on Yelp! and Angie’s List and other local services. We’re confident you’ll like what you read.

(We are changing our name from Pegasus Refinishing to Pegasus Cabinets. Please search under Pegasus Refinishing since HQ is relative new name. Thank you).


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